Driven hunting

Group hunts in the West Pomeranian province are exceptional. We organise group hunts from Oktober 15 until the end of December. The best period for such kind of hunting is the November/December.

Due to the fact that sometimes the only possibility to reach a litter is on foot, group hunts in natural hunting grounds only, give you a chance to experience an unforgettable adventure. Organisation-wise, the optimum number of participants is 15-20. However, both bigger groups of experienced hunters may also be very effective. Usually, the display of trophies after the hunt equals the number of the participatns; however, sometimes the results are even better.

We provide:

  • 3- or 4-day hunt/ 4- or 5-day stay
  • organisation of the hunt for 15-20 participants
  • posibility to hunt: red deer (stags, does, fawns), boars (wild boars, sows, wild boar piglets), roe deer (does, fawns), foxes, raccoon dogs
  • transport within the hunting ground
  • insurance
  • preparation of trophies
  • full board and accommodation.

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